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NST Corporate Walkers

nst-corporate-walking-teamIf you talk to just about any working professional, they’ll tell you the same thing: fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be challenging, especially if long work days are coupled with family or other commitments. What’s the NST solution? A little something we call the corporate walk, or “C.W.” Corporate walking can be defined as a fast-pace walk during your lunch hour. While corporate walkers change into walking attire, it’s preferred C.W. etiquette that walkers include some sort of corporate “flair” in their gear.  Think skirt suits and tennis shoes. OK, we don’t go quite that far, but a Blackberry or iPhone in hand will do. Typically, the NST course starts at our office in downtown, heads up 6th Avenue, across the Laurel Street bridge, through Balboa Park, and down Park Avenue on the East side of the park. It’s a perfect loop that is about 3.5 miles and takes exactly one hour.

Getting out of the office can be a challenge, but when we do, it’s a good way to get the blood pumping, enjoy the outdoors and beautiful Balboa Park, and take an often much-needed breather. C.W. newbie Krystin Williamson suggested we get NST branded sweat bands. Others think we should get NST branded visors. Whatever the “flair,” next time you are out and about or in Balboa Park around lunch, be on the lookout for a bunch of quick walking PR pros charging their way around town.

Do you have a secret for fitting exercise into your work day? If so, we’d love to hear it.

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