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Memorable, but is it Motivating?

At Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, we pride ourselves on our strategic mindset and our ability to help clients not only get attention, but more importantly achieve their business goals. Keeping the desired behavior we’re seeking from consumers top of mind ensures that our tactics and messages support that end result.

With all the buzz around the Super Bowls ads (bear with me as I subject you to the umpteenth Super Bowl-focused blog you’ve read over the last week), I found YouGov BrandIndex’s research on purchase consideration very interesting. The research, published in AdAge, showed that just because consumers like the ad creatively, that affinity didn’t necessarily translate into purchase behavior.

In an age of increasing scrutiny on marketing ROI, it would be interesting to hear from companies that advertised as to whether this was the desired result of their big Super Bowl spends. Were brands like Budweiser, GoDaddy and Microsoft simply looking for an increase in buzz? Or was it an (expensive) missed attempt to drive sales?

How does your organization define return in ROI? Awareness, sales, web site visits?

(Cred: YouGov BrandIndex)

Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider uses a trademark move in this bhind-the-scenes shot from RadioShack’s Super Bowl ad (Photo cred: RadioShack Corp.).

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