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Looking Toward the Future: A Center for Public Relations Students and Professionals

As a senior at San Diego State University, I think often about what has influenced me as an aspiring public relations professional. My professors at SDSU and colleagues in the Public Relations Student Society of America have not only taught me about public relations, but also showed me how to perform my work accurately and efficiently. But above all the positive influences and inspiring figures in my career, there has been no one who has had a greater effect on my education than Dr. Glen M. Broom.

Although I never had the privilege of being his student and only heard him speak at a PRSSA SDSU meeting, I have learned a lot from him over the years.

As the author and co-author of the sixth through 11th editions of “Effective Public Relations” and co-author of “Using Research in Public Relations,” Broom has had a significant impact on public relations students across the globe.

During his 30-year career at SDSU, Broom wrote 50 scholarly articles and papers, and helped create one of the top 10 public relations programs in the country. Broom has been the recipient of several awards including Outstanding Educator from the Public Relations Society of America and the Pathfinder Award from the Institute for Public Relations Research and Education.

Without a doubt, he has achieved a lot in his career. However, Broom is not inspiring because of the awards and recognition he has received, but rather for the impact he has made on his students and the public relations profession.

On Feb. 22, I attended a launch celebration for the Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations. While there, I was overwhelmed by the devotion and dedication of the attendees, each one taught by or acquainted with Broom.

After the congratulatory speeches, Broom was invited to impart a few words to his family, friends, colleagues and former students. Watching a public relations legend as humble and solemn as he was reminded me that my education would not have been as impactful without his work.

Broom’s efforts influenced the public relations field, changing it to be a more efficient, accurate and ethical profession. I am proud to say that the Glen Broom Center will not only provide faculty, graduate students and working professionals with research support and training programs, but it will also offer a community-based internship program for all public relations students as well as student advising for professional development. This unmatched opportunity for SDSU public relations students will open up many doors, making its creation crucial to current and future public relations professionals.

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