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Is Marketing On Wearables Worth the Wrist?

Smartwatch With the Apple Watch available for pre-order in less than three weeks, it’s time to think about how wearable technology like smartwatches may shift consumer behavior and, in turn, how marketers can best reach these consumers.

What’s different?
Watches are more personal and visible than mobile phones. They don’t get hidden in your pocket or purse – they’re in contact with you at all times. Glancing at your watch is also easier (and more socially acceptable when you’re with others) than looking at your phone.

What are the implications for marketers?
Mobile web browsing won’t be as easy, but apps will likely be used more often. Contextual messages will be more important, but users will be sensitive to intrusive advertising or clumsy marketing. You need to make sure to test what your websites, emails and other messaging looks like on wearable devices and adjust the content to make sure they fit (both strategically and in the smaller space.)

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