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How a Strong Work Ethic Allows You to “Rule Yourself”

Tom Brady in a past campaign ad.
Tom Brady in a past campaign ad.

Under Armour’s new “Rule Yourself” campaign is pretty rad. Not only does it feature athletes with exceptional work ethic, it also highlights a select group that have had a breakout year. Including this girl’s favorite quarterback Tom Brady who, even with all the turmoil surrounding him in the past six months, will be featured in a campaign video ad released in September.

I’ve traditionally gravitated to the company’s main competitor for workout gear, but I’ll admit Under Armour ads have caught my attention lately. It started last year with Gisele Bundchen’s Under Armor “I Will What I Want” video, and then with the Misty Copeland ad under the same campaign name. Both are strong-willed women featured in beautifully shot videos that showcase their hard work and determination, suggesting that these attributes are key to creating the reality you desire.

Not every ad campaign is going to resonate with the population at large, but I think Under Armour’s on to something. The brand is telling its story through the stories of others, and giving us personal insight into their stories, which really goes a long way in resonating with consumers. The personal perspective trend is hot right now.

Maybe it’s because I work in a demanding professional field that requires hard work, exploration and determination to overcome challenges that are thrown at me each and every day, but I like that these campaign ads are reminding us of the value of good old fashion hard work. Set your goals, put your head down and get sh** done. As Under Armour says, “You are the sum of all your training,” so make it worthwhile.

That’s exactly why Tom Brady is such a perfect choice for the ad campaign. He’s not training to reassure anyone of his skills. His work ethic is strong and he puts the time in toward what he wants to accomplish. You can see the extension of the Under Armour campaign through the first “Rule Yourself” ad here, or, pending his appeal, just wait until Oct. 18 when he steps onto the field again. We’ll see if Under Armour made the right decision to bet on Tom’s work ethic and determination when his ad debuts next month.

Enjoy the 2015 NFL season!

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