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Happy Birthday NST and Happy April Fools’ Day!

At NST, we celebrate our co-workers by taking office field trips to Padres games, Temecula wineries and local pubs for happy hour, and by having unique birthday celebrations.

Welcome to Greg Kershaw's Office!
Welcome to Greg Kershaws Office

Though we love to recognize each other’s hard work (see our Tiki Token blog posts), we also think the occasional prank is a must. So, it’s entirely fitting that NST’s birthday also happens to be April Fools’ Day!  In honor of this special day, the entire office supported Krystin Williamson and me when we suggested an April Fools’ joke be played on our very own Greg Kershaw – or as we call him – The Gersh.

The Gersh is a hard worker (just ask him) but he also loves to have fun – especially if it means cheering on his beloved San Francisco Giants. His desk in cubeville is filled with all things Giants and WD-40 – his other love – so Krystin and I knew it was a risk to move any of Gersh’s cherished tchotchkes.  As the photos will prove, we were more than willing to take that risk.

Krystin and I arrived to the NST office bright and early to clear out Gersh’s desk and move all items to his new office – the men’s bathroom. The Gersh loved the prank – though he did have to wander around the office for some time to figure out just where all of his stuff had gone.

Gersh's old office and new office
Gershs old office and new office

Visit the NST Facebook page for photos of April Fool’s Day, NST-style!

And and huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nuffer, Smith, Tucker!

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