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Happy Belated Birthday to Instagram!

One of our favorite photo-sharing platforms in the world turned three years old last weekend. We feel bad we didn’t acknowledge its birthday in advance (we were probably too busy taking pictures of our food or snapping a selfie), but we want to give a post-b-day shout out to an app that holds a lot of potential for brands – and we weren’t alone.

The Los Angeles Times posted an article offering Instagram three things the platform could improve now that it’s moved from infancy into its toddler years: adding clickable links, making regrams possible, and improving video integration. It also bestowed an honorable mention for improving the platform’s web presence. All of these updates would certainly impact brands, but we think the most possibility lies with clickable links and regrams.

Right now, users can include a web address in an Instagram caption, but it isn’t a hyperlink. Making links clickable would allow users to seamlessly follow information off the platform onto an organization’s website – giving the photo-sharing platform a more robust information-sharing reach it doesn’t currently have.

Twitter allows retweets and Facebook has the functionality to share, but Instagram doesn’t currently give users the opportunity to regram a photo to their own profile. If Instagram grants us this wish, brands’ Instagram photos will have the much-coveted opportunity of going viral.

What other improvements would you like to see Instagram add to its platform? Do you have any birthday compliments to give the app? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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