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Happy Appy Halloween!

Print Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. You can either fight it or embrace it, and although I am a firm believer in giving each holiday its due, marketers are not so kind. We see Christmas going up earlier and earlier each year and not to be outdone, Halloween definitely makes its mark in September. Poor Thanksgiving is sandwiched in the middle and is over run by Black Friday. Come on people, give the turkey a break.

So in the “spirit” of the haunted holiday, here are a few great ads, fun music and some awesome apps to get you in the Halloween mood.

Halloween is sweet on its own, but I just love that this is the one time out of the year that advertisers get to be dark, edgy and a bit sarcastic all in the fun of the season.

Some of my favorites from this year are:

halloween candy As for apps, there is no shortage of Halloween fun out there. Whether you are wondering what wine to pair with the candy that you steal from your kids or wanting to create your own zombies, here are a few that I think are fun:

  • A very useful app, Vivino will help you pair wines with specific candy
  • Halloween Card Creator – You can create Spooky cards to share with your friends
  • Halloween! – Everything you need for Halloween all in one app, or so they say. It has ringtones, wallpaper and more.
  • Zombie IMake – Let’s younger kids make their own zombies.
  • Tick or Tracker (for the lazy parent) – Lets your kids keep you informed of their whereabouts.
  • Halloween City – A fun game for all ages.

Halloween Theme Music
If you have Spotify, feel free to check out my Halloween playlist.

If you live here in San Diego, Here are a few Halloween activities that you may want to check out.

My favorite is Maryland Street in Hillcrest/University Heights where they do it up right.

I hope you have a frightful beginning to your holidays. Let NST know what your favorite Halloween ads or apps are on our Facebook page. And also, please send me your “best of” Thanksgiving and Christmas suggestions. Yours could make the next holiday blog post!

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