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Grammar Deteriorating in the Workplace

With the growing demand to write in 140 characters or less, the use of good grammar and language is becoming extinct. It appears the good guys (or gals) are losing the battle, but as public relations professionals we need to continue to fight.

According to an article that ran last week in the The Wall Street Journal, managers are fighting an epidemic of grammar gaffes in the workplace. Many of them attribute slipping skills to the informality of email, texting and Twitter where slang and shortcuts are common. Such looseness with language can create bad impressions with clients, ruin marketing materials and cause communications errors, many managers say.

The article went on to say that in a survey conducted earlier this year, about 45 percent of 430 employers said they were increasing employee-training programs to improve employees’ grammar and other skills, according to the Society for Human Resource Management and AARP.

What employers know and younger generations have yet to realize is that in today’s competitive business landscape, being able to communicate effectively may actually give you the edge over less articulate competitors. Good grammar can ensure messages are delivered and received promptly, and helps to lessen confusion when sending an instant message to a client, co-worker or potential employer.

What are your thoughts on good grammar in the workplace? Do you think it will become extinct or are your willing to continue the fight alongside me?

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