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Go Mobile, Now.

Go Mobile NowWe hear it all too often; the importance of having a mobile Web presence is undeniable and the urgency of that statement is ever growing. So much so, Google will now penalize your website’s search results ranking if your presence on the Web is not mobile-friendly.

As Barry Schwartz points out in his article Google: Bad User Experience For Mobile Users May Lead To Ranking Issues, 61 percent of users visiting a website are unlikely to return if they have trouble accessing it from their phone. No one particularly enjoys pinching to zoom to read the desired content and Google is now punishing sites that are not optimized for the mobile experience. This only further solidifies the dire importance of having a mobile version of your website, whether it be a dedicated mobile site or a responsive version of your desktop content.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, let NST help you develop a great mobile-friendly website!

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