Color Bars

Friday Fodder

From doodling to dialing for java, in case you missed it, here’s a sampling of information shared this week by the gang at NST:

There’s a kid in all of us, and we’re thinking Katie Rowland secretly wants to enter this Google contest.

This article says a lot about why people think it is OK to be rude online, but please don’t look behind the curtain where they might be responsible. (Michelle Livermore)

Before his time there was Dialing for Dollars; today Greg Kershaw can dial a venti Pike Place Roast.  Doubt he’s toasting his 20-0 Aztecs with a cup of joe.

Is editorial the new advertising? (Mary Correia-Moreno)

Resident Facebook watchdog Natalie Haack points out how the best user content filters what visitors see.

Too often, we hear how social media is where most crisis events unfold.  Here’s a good reminder of the power social media has in helping communities. (Yours Truly)

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