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Friday Fodder

From optical illusion to Badger brand equity, in case you missed it, here’s a sampling of information shared this week by the gang at NST:

The next frontier in social media?  The booming Hispanic market. (Michelle Livermore)

An onslaught of digital technologies has laid waste to traditional media. The new year will bring a clearer picture of what will emerge from the rubble. (Greg Kershaw)

What’s worse?  Missing a curveball because of athletic ability or lack thereof or whiffing because your own brain fooled you? (Aaron Blomberg)

More people talk about the University of Wisconsin online than any other college or university.  We at NST think that’s mostly due to Natalie Haack, an avid Badger fan who watched her team fall to the Horned Frogs of TCU in the Rose Bowl.  We expect Natalie to personally boost SDSU’s online buzz.  She has dual allegiances, and if the two teams meet in any sport, plan for a bandwidth meltdown.

So a 20-something added a new twist to “the dog ate my homework.” She’s blaming Steve Jobs’ iPhone for not waking her up in time for work.  Maybe the Apple chief should send her a pocket-size mirror for her next blame game. (Yours truly)

Here’s a look at the best Facebook page strategies: (Natalie Haack)

If you haven’t heard of Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, you live in a cave. He’s been hired by Kraft and was reunited with his mom.  It’s only January.  Wonder what will top this buzz in 2011? (Mary Correia-Moreno)

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