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Five Social Media Tactics to Implement This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost upon us! This is a great time to increase engagement on social media by capitalizing on the themes of the season and spreading holiday cheer. Follow these five tips to rock your company’s social media accounts and ensure a spot on the bosses’ nice list!

  1. Use Holiday Hashtags
    • Do your research and include the top holiday hashtags in your social media posts to allow for more people to see your content when searching.
    • Some suggested hashtags include #holidays, #holidayseason, #happyholidays, #merrychristmas, #holidayshopping and #christmas.
  2. Offer Your Product or Service as a Gift Idea
    • During the holiday season, people are constantly looking for new gift ideas and stocking stuffers.
    • Frame your product or service as a gift idea for family and friends.
    • If your product or service would not be a relevant holiday gift, then offer other festive ideas or share a link!
  3. Create a Holiday Giveaway for Fans
    • Giveaways are popular year-round, but especially during the holidays when people are looking for every opportunity to save a little extra money when shopping.
    • Ask fans to share why they use your product or service during the holidays and offer a coupon and gift card for a randomly-selected winner who comments.
  4. Share Holiday Tips
    • Do it yourself (DIY) articles have become a big hit on social media, and publications like Buzzfeed have capitalized on that, sharing tips for others to enjoy.
    • The DIY community is constantly searching for holiday recipes, crafts and decorating ideas to try out during December.
    • Don’t be afraid to share DIY articles on Facebook if you can’t come up with your own ideas. You can then boost the posts to specific audiences who would most likely benefit from and click on the articles.
    • You can even ask fans to share their own holiday tips and traditions.
  5. Don’t Stop Posting
    • Although your first thought may be that people are on social media less because of their busy schedules during the holiday season, studies show people are actually on social media more.
    • Last year, Facebook conducted a study that found that people shared 26 percent more posts during the holidays, so keep posting away throughout the month of December and engage with your fans to build momentum heading into the new year.
    • You can even get your fans into the holiday spirit by creating festive cover photos and profile pictures for the month of December.

The holidays are a great time to catch up with family and friends in-person, but also a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience and spread cheer online. Now go out and spread season’s greetings through your social media accounts…you might make someone’s holiday a little brighter.

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