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Encouraging a Culture of Exploration

Exploration Room The term “workplace culture” was first defined by former MIT professor Edgar Schein in 1992 in his seminal work “Organizational Culture and Leadership.” This first definition included the idea that corporate culture is a philosophy to guide organizational strategy, workforce behavior and management attitudes.

Exploration Room QuoteThe concept of a workplace culture encompasses many different characteristics of a business. Culture has visible components in the way that a business looks and how employees dress, but it really thrives in the attitudes of employees, in the setting of goals and in the communication of business values to employees and clients.

Exploration RoomAt NST, our workplace culture is one of exploration.  Everyone on our team must have the desire to explore the world, and look for new and improved ways of thinking and working.  New ideas can be found through reading, thinking creatively and brainstorming with others.

Exploration Room TreatsWith the exploration theme in mind, NST recently transformed a vacant office into the new “Exploration Room” creating a space where our team of explorers can step away from their everyday workspace to spark that imagination, curiosity and desire to explore, with a focus on creating ideas that will contribute to our clients, communities and company.  This room has all the necessary tools to help spark those creative juices with comfortable seating, inspirational quotes, games, client products and, most importantly, plenty of snacks!

Check out the photos and let us know what you think.

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