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Digital Video – An Attack on Television News Consumption As We Know It? (Part 1 of 2)

Blog image for KW 504x504Television viewing remains strong, according to Nielson’s 2015 Advance National TV Household Universe Estimate (UE), which reports that 116.3 million homes in the U.S. have at least one TV or monitor that can play video. This figure is up 0.4 percent from the 2013-14 estimate and includes a potential reach of 296 million people age 2 and older inside the homes.

With digital and mobile access to streaming content expanding right along side network and cable programing, are people still choosing to wait until they are home to turn on their television or are they consuming content on their mobile devices while on the go?

A recent issue of Adweek (April 28-May 4) posed the following question on its cover: “Is TV dead?”

I don’t think so. I still very much enjoy catching the evening national news broadcasts at home on my flat screen and watch a number of network shows on my TV. I will admit that I do share a Netflix and HBO Go streaming account with family members, and I know I’m not the only one doing this (HBO said it was okay, right!?).

Although I don’t take advantage of streaming content to the best of my ability, many people do. What I agreed with in Adweek’s dedicated issue on the topics is the idea that digital video should be considered its own new, emerging medium. Television attacked radio, cable attacked network television, streaming content services are now attacking all mediums as we know them – and we’ll all survive with access to our favorite programming intact.

Adweek’s TV issue also included interesting survey results from YouGov that reported on consumers’ viewing habits of network television and streaming services in a one-month period. It seems TV networks still hold more viewers for programming content than streaming services. While we keep an eye on how people are consuming programming as a whole, we should also keep a close eye on 18-35-year-olds, who are adopting streaming services at a high rate.

What repercussions could be felt by PR pros? As target audiences change the way people consume content it’s going to require vigilance on the part of PR practitioners to help educate our clients on the changing media landscape and how best to navigate it. Contact us if you’d like to explore opportunities for your organization.

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