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Creativity Isn’t a Given Trait, It’s a Skill

As a public relations firm, we’re inherently creative in the work we do. Whether creating a unique brochure, brainstorming new tactical recommendations or developing an unorthodox problem-solving strategy, we all play a part in developing fresh and innovative solutions for our clients.

As Teresa mentioned in a recent blog post, NST recently added a new core value to the way we do business – to not accept the status quo and focus on constant learning and exploration – and creativity is a big part of that.

But, being creative is easier said than done. It’s not necessarily an inherent trait that we do or do not possess, but instead a skill that we can sharpen. I recently stumbled upon an article from Psychology Today that explored this notion of creative thinking. Here are some of my favorite bits and pieces:

  •  Believe in your creativity – “Creative people believe they are creative. People who believe they are not creative, are not.”
  •  “Creative thinking is work.” And sometimes the results aren’t perfect, or even (gasp) down right bad.
  •  “There is no one right answer … Nothing kills creativity faster than self-censorship of ideas…”
  • “Expect the experts to be negative.” Beware of the been-there-tried-that mentality.
  • “Always approach a problem on its own terms.” Not yours. Leave your own bias off the table.
  •  “Don’t get discouraged.”
  •  “There’s no such thing as failure,” as long as you learned something from it.

Take a look at the full article, which contains some great anecdotes on how some of the greatest minds in history exhibit these traits.

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