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Creating Personal and Agency Brands Through Good Writing

Every individual has a personality, which makes us unique, one of a kind. Family, friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances enjoy our company in person. In writing, we have an opportunity to showcase who we are and communicate our “personal brand,” to new audiences of all kinds. This short piece introduces the concept of how to think about building personal brand, standing out from the crowd and reinforcing the brand values of your agency, company or your clients through good writing, with some of your personality shining through.

Michael D. Brown, a career consultant, author and motivational speaker on branding, defines personal branding as “a method whereby you precisely lay out and clearly communicate what makes you different and unique.” To get started, answer these questions: Who am I? What makes me special? How do I want people to see me? Your writing in all communications, from a formal business letter to an informal email message, presents an opportunity to make an impression.

Picture how you can leave your mark as a bright, creative, knowledgeable and personable professional and part of an organization with strong values. Your goal is to stand out from the clutter with clear, concise messages that connect to your different audiences: customers, community connections, partners and colleagues in the industry. Think about how you can best touch each audience in your own way – emotionally, rationally, and by showing core values and beliefs, such as a dedication to creating spectacular results for a client, no matter what the size.

Branding expert Brown explains that presenting yourpersonal brand should be evident in the way you write and in everything you do: the way you talk, walk, dress, and the content and appearance of all your communications and interactions. “Your personal brand is that solid and consistent impression that comes to mind when people think of you,” said Brown.

Writing clearly and succinctly is an important first step. Take your time in thinking about what you are trying to communicate. An organizational tip: write down the three most important points you want to make. Draft your copy and edit well. Set it aside for an hour or even a day. Make the final edit and you are ready to launch!

This approach gives you control over how you communicate clearly and builds new perceptions with every reader. The second step involves building your brand around your strengths and talents and simply being yourself. What are your best attributes? Your industry expertise? Your people skills? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you dedicated to responding quickly and professionally to all inquiries?

Remember your time, talent and expertise are serving the needs of your organization and your clients. Showcase what you offer in how you communicate about yourself and the work of your agency. Once you clearly understand and can define your brand, tie it back to the agency brand. Through your writing, you can reinforce the benefits and values that firm offers to every target audience.

Here are some steps to consider when creating a personal brand:

– Identify your target audiences and markets; know whom you are targeting. Is it an existing client? Potential client? Community connection? Editor? Supplier? Strategic partner? Industry organization? Thought leaders?

 – Determine your audience’s needs and wants. Is your target audience looking for a trusted resource for sage advice and up to date information? A fresh perspective from someone in-the-know? Support for new business initiatives? Solving a communications crisis? In any response, create reasons why your audience should believe you will deliver the results that your brand promises, which builds that rare attribute in any business: trust.

– Figure out what makes you and your agency different from your competitors. Be consistent in communicating — professionally, warmly and with authenticity, where your personality shows.

Keep in mind, building and maintaining your brand is a work in progress and a never-ending task. PR professionals need to be dedicated to continuous improvement in all that we do. The approach is critical in an era of ever-changing communications tools, channels, technology and client needs. According to Brown, “Nailing your brand is not something you do once and walk away from, it is a constant process of fine-tuning and adjusting your brand to the changing needs of the market and your changing interests, abilities, experiences and skills.”

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