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Content Marketing Insider Secrets

It’s no secret public relations professionals aim to create content that elicits an action, especially through social media channels. It’s called “social media” for a reason – we want people talking about, engaging with and sharing our client’s content and messages.

Nuffer, Smith, Tucker co-hosted the “Content Marketing Insider Secrets” webinar last Tuesday with Social Fresh, a social media education company, that discussed content creation in-depth. The webinar gave attendees a glimpse of the dialogue that will take place at the Social Fresh WEST conference in San Diego on September 27-28, and featured conference presenters Anna Lingeris of Hershey’s and Zena Weist of Expion along with NST President Bill Trumpfheller.

The lively discussion focused on the importance of knowing your brand’s voice, prepping your content with appropriate research, and being an engaging participant and curator. Here’s a recap of some key points:

  • Content shouldn’t repeat your traditional ad copy. Figure out what voice will resonate with your target audiences and tailor it accordingly per social media platform.
  • Identifying a focused brand voice helps all employees within your company understand social media goals and activity. It also makes it easier for people to participate.
  • Listen and respond to the needs of your audience.
  • Create content, but also let others’ (your audience) voices and opinions come through.
  • Metrics and data are available – use statistics and data to create a plan, and see what’s resonating with your audience.
  • Cross-pollenating content per platform can increase the shelf life of your campaign.
  • You want people to trust your brand – engagement helps build trust.
  • Listen first; talk later.
  • Create content that your audience can easily share on and offline.
  • Engaging content must have a personal relevance. Find out what matters to your audience and create content that sparks a discussion around those topics.
  • The top three types of engaging content are: personal questions, loyalty questions and call-to-actions with photos or links.
  • Figure out how to make a local tie to your audience for increased interaction.
  • Content marketing research is critically important and should be a large part of the resource pie.
  • What experience are you trying to deliver? Use this to drive content creation, but realize in the end it, your content may not be all brand focused.
  • Don’t succumb to “shiny object syndrome” each time a new platform emerges. Do your research before diving in.

Did you join “Content Marketing Insider Secrets?” What were your takeaways?

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