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Congratulations to NST!

Winning awards is never our goal – client success is – but it’s rewarding to see our team recognized by their peers, not to mention the elation on their faces after all their hard work.

We took a two-year hiatus from submitting awards entries because we’ve been, fortunately, too busy with client work, and I still don’t know how we managed to do it this year amidst increasing client projects and new clients. When we decide to get off our duffs and submit entries, we’re consistently the most recognized firm by the Public Relations Society of America/San Diego, garnering plaudits for national client work in media relations, online marketing, editorials, research and evaluation, direct mail, special events, public service, public affairs, and integrated communications.  This year is no different.  Last night, at the annual PRSA San Diego Bernays awards event, our team took home kudos in:

•    External Web Site – Bronze Award of Excellence – Mermaid Jingle Jam

•    Word of Mouth – Bronze Award of Excellence – Mermaid Jingle Jam

•    Satellite Media Tour – Bronze Award of Excellence – Chicken of the Sea Healthy Selections

•    Direct Mail/Direct Response – Bronze Award of Excellence – Mermaid Birthday Club

•    Integrated Communications – Silver Award of Excellence – WD-40 Company Last Straw Campaign

•    Media Relations – Associations/Nonprofit/Government – Bronze Award of Merit – Asian Citrus Psyllid Threat

While it’s terrific to see our team rewarded, it’s frankly impossible to accomplish without great clients letting us guide them on strategy and execution to help them meet their objectives.  Time and again, we’re lucky to work alongside organizations that really get it when it comes to public relations – strategy, motivational behavior, results – and they look at us as part of their team.  One team, and they were awarded equally last night.  That type of client relationship, plus a great team in our office, make it exciting to come to work day in, day out.

I owe many thanks to our clients and our NST team, which I know will be soon looking for a toast somewhere in the Gaslamp.

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