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Breaking Up is Not So Hard to Do

A couple of weeks ago, I received news that nearly broke my heart. One of my favorite project management tools was saying farewell for good. How dare they do that to me after I had been so loyal and had relied on its functions to keep projects on track for the past couple of years? And to make matters worse, this was my second breakup this year, as I had to end my relationship with my favorite password-tracking tool for the same reason!

Like most PR professionals, I’ve become addicted to tools that make my job easier to do. Whether it’s a tool for tracking social media or passwords, or managing projects, these tools make me more efficient and I’m not afraid to admit this. But as a PR professional, I also know the importance of adapting to situations quickly and immediately began my journey to find new solutions to my current problem.

My journey has reminded me that it is just as important to assess one’s tools as it is to evaluate a public relations campaign. As technology constantly changes, the tools we have grown accustom to may no longer be the best solution. When I initially researched project management tools a couple of years ago, I only found a couple programs that would suit my needs. This time around I was pleasantly surprised to find so many alternatives that I had a hard time selecting the one that would best meet my needs. I ended up with a tool that was very similar to the one I had been using except this one does a lot more.

I would have never found this tool if I hadn’t been forced to explore. Exploring allows you look for new and improved ways of thinking and working. So this week, I challenge you to explore and see if you can find a new way of doing something you have been doing the same way for a couple of years. If you find any nuggets, please share your comments below.

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