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Blending Customer Data Into the Agri-Food Chain

We’re proud to say that for many years NST CEO Kerry Tucker has been a leader not only in the PR world, but the agri-food world as well. He regularly lends his strategic and problem-solving mind to NST clients and to the broader agri-food industry through Food Foresight, a trends intelligence system.

A recent op-ed by Tucker and Bill Bishop, chief architect of Brick Meets Click, tackles the complicated notion of how big data and the agri-food chain mix. Identified as one of Food Foresight’s 2013 trends, consumer behavior at the grocery store check-out will increasingly provide agriculture producers with data that can help all parties achieve a higher level of satisfaction – but the seamless sharing of that information hasn’t happened yet.

Read the full editorial for insight into how the blending of customer data and agriculture production may play out in the coming years.

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