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Are QR Codes Taking Over the World?

QR CodeHave you been noticing more of those square-shaped, grainy-looking barcodes next to the things you watch and buy?  Quick response codes, or QR codes, are not a new technology, but they’re sprouting up more and more around us. In fact, barcode scanning grew by 4549 percent in the first quarter of this year (no, that’s not missing a decimal point.)  Primarily used to direct people with smartphones to a URL that has additional information, these codes are being placed on magazine ads, direct mail pieces, handouts, billboards, coupons, and even business cards.

There are several free QR code generators out there, including Kaywa and, but that doesn’t mean using it’s the best marketing tool for everyone. You still have to develop compelling content for what you’re directing people to and make sure it’s an appropriate tactic to support your marketing and communication strategies. While some think QR codes will eventually take over the world, chances are many of your customers still haven’t heard about them and don’t regularly scan them on their smartphones yet.  So keep expectations for success realistic and let us know if you need any help utilizing QR codes as part of your marketing efforts.

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