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Agency Life: Work Hard, Play Hard – Join the NST Team

Do you love your job?

A friend recently asked me this to which I quickly replied, “absolutely” – and I said it without hesitation.  But let’s face it, working at a public relations agency can be tough. We work long hours and are constantly juggling projects. The phone rings and you don’t know who is going to be on the line – and it’s often a client with an aggressive deadline that causes you to shuffle projects around. It can be stressful, and it takes the right kind of person to truly love it, but if you are one of those people, you know working at a PR firm is like no other job out there.

Agency life offers variety (no two client projects are the same), excitement (the field is ever changing with new technologies and tools available every day), and the reward of knowing we are helping our clients succeed. And being a PR professional at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker means so much more than writing news releases – it’s about being part of internal teams that value not only hard work, but also fun and the needs of each individual.  This value of balance is instilled within every NST team member from day one.  We have a culture that is fun and yet strategic in all we do.  Professional development and continual learning is valued, and a strong commitment to doing the right thing and being respectful of others’ points of view are mandatory.

If you are a PR pro who likes to work hard and play hard and who believes in our philosophy, consider joining our team. Think about whether or not you love your job. If you can’t answer “absolutely,” check out what NST has to offer with our job listing.

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