Color Bars

A Raving Lunatic on Nicotine Withdrawal

Musings from a messy desk, minus the spittoon (aka throw-away coffee cup):

I make no promises these musings will have any coherence nor will they shield the ramblings of a raving lunatic on nicotine withdrawal.  Writing without a wad stuffed inside my cheek is like skating on rentals.

A clear sign the world’s end is near: Major, respectable news organizations’ stop-the-presses, breaking news: Verizon’s gonna have an iPhone.  What’s next? L.A. TV leading off with fashion on the red carpet?

Five things I’m blaming on Sarah Palin:

  • Brady Hoke going to the Wolverines
  • Florida officially being the only state without snow
  • Shakira not calling me after her break up
  • New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour
  • Backstreet Boys touring with New Kids on the Block
  • Seattle Seahawks making the playoffs with a losing record
  • Super Bowl defending champs New Orleans Saints losing to the Seahawks

(I know it’s seven and I said five. See above about nicotine and step away from the mouse.)

Don’t you love it when your IT vendor asks really brilliant questions, like “Did you turn your computer on?” or “Did you tell your computer to save?”  And we pay them!

Chick-Fil-A’s next ad campaign will be more about saving a reputation than a cow.

Why do members of the Baseball Writers Association of America decide who’s in or out in the Hall of Fame?  Sports writers, in general, are the most cranky, frustrated human beings I’ve met, and wouldn’t it make more sense for past inductees to decide?  They know what it takes to succeed legions more than a scribe does.  Meanwhile, they leave Jeff Bagwell hanging, laying guilt by association.  With that logic, should we shun all scribes when the next one gets busted for lifting copy?

Thirty-five bowl games, 14 teams with .500 records and one at 6-7. Sounds like PC soccer moms infiltrated the NCAA. Nothing more fun than rewarding mediocrity.

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