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A Great Way to Get Your Creative Groove On

CreativeMornings I look for creative inspiration in all of my surroundings, but sometimes I need a little extra boost to jazz up brainstorming sessions and pitch ideas. After all, inspiration is the difference between good and great work.

Where do I go to find this? San Diego’s CreativeMornings breakfast lectures, which are held once a month at the Moniker Warehouse in East Village.

I recently had the pleasure of heeding advice from Matt Faulk, CEO and executive creative director of BASIC, a local brand design agency. His personal success story and presentation to attendees were equally motivating. Doing better than what ‘is’ seemed to be the theme for the morning.

The mob of creative professionals seemed inspired throughout Faulk’s discourse; he reminded everyone to think big and have a vision for what we want to achieve. Sometimes we just need to ‘wing it’ and not let failure or the unknown scare us from attempting something new. It builds confidence. We should embrace the thought of working outside our comfort zones.

As I apply this to both my personal and professional life, I truly believe almost everything I have been afraid of, ultimately has turned into something great. Whether it’s a big move, new job or eating meat after being vegetarian for seven years, most great things have risen from the unfamiliar.

Connecting with others is also an important piece to the PR profession and there couldn’t be a better place to do so. Attendees of CreativeMornings often fill the room with a whole lot of awesome, sprinkled with a dash of cool. I’ve met videographers, photographers, writers and more – all who are looking to make new relationships.

I’m proud to be a part of this community who has come together to make these free events possible. Great sponsors like Bread & Cie, Bean Bar, Coffee & Tea Collective and Moniker Warehouse, among others, provide breakfast, coffee and the space for each lecture.

To connect with culture you need to be a part of it. I highly recommend adding these events to your creative spark-igniting rituals. Follow them on Instagram to stay up to speed on future happenings.

Our NST team promotes creative development and brainstorming sessions to keep all of us on our A-game. Recently, we broke out into small groups to discuss how we could apply more of a creative mindset to our daily work. Some of the topics included new business development, internal relationship building and communications, planning development and internal meetings.

How do you find creative inspiration in your day-to-day routine? Share your tips by posting to our Facebook page!

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