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A “Favorite Things” List for PR Pros

It’s officially my favorite time of year. No, not because of those festive red cups – it’s time for “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list!

I know, some PR folks have a love-hate relationship with Oprah, but I wait all year for her holiday list to be released because I love discovering new products, and secretly love seeing which obscure company she’s going to catapult into the spotlight each year. Thanks to Oprah’s 2003 list, the UGG brand is now a household name with styles making multiple lists since its first inclusion, including something new on this year’s list.

Oprah and her team should be given kudos for creating a brand that can stand on its own merit and has even successfully weathered the transition from its broadcast TV origins to print and digital media. The jury is still out on OWN.

So, in honor of this year’s list, I’ve put together a “Favorite Things” list of my own. This one is for us hard-working public relations professionals (who spend all year working to secure an Oprah’s Favorite Things-like placement for our clients).

  1. A cell phone charger case – We’re on-the-go and sometimes consider our phones a mobile office. We’re snapping photos, reviewing and attaching documents to emails, and managing social media. The extra battery boost will absolutely be a welcomed gift to any PR pro.
  2. Subscription to a non-work media outlet – Newspapers – digital and print editions, television news, online websites and blogs – we keep tabs on them all. Help clear the mind of your favorite PR pro by giving him/her a subscription to a magazine that strictly covers celebrity gossip, home improvement suggestions, travel, gardening, aftermarket car parts or sports.
  3. Wine or whiskey – Hard work and long hours calls for appropriate unwinding. Grab a bottle of wine or spirits and tie a bow around it. Heck, on this note, gift cards to a restaurant or bar with a great happy hour are also a good idea.
  4. iTunes gift cards – Music is the perfect accompaniment when drafting a plan or completing a writing project. Fresh music can brighten any mood, provide an escape from background office chatter or spark an impromptu office dance party. Digital apps may also be of interest to the multitasking PR pro and can be purchased using an iTunes gift card. Take a look at June’s “There’s an App for That” blog post where NSTers share their favorites.
  5. A personal assistant – Ok, not the most budget-friendly gift idea, but it was suggested by more than one of my co-workers when I surveyed the staff about what they’d like to see under the NST Christmas tree this year.

Did I miss a great gift suggestion? What would you add to the PR Pros Favorite Things holiday gift list? Share your ideas with us here or on our Facebook page.

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