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A Brand State of Mind

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Both consciously and subconsciously, our daily lives are bombarded by “brands” that are the driving force behind our most basic decisions. Every day, we choose to support companies, buy products or hire services based on the brands with which we most closely identify. We base these decisions on our own personal values and experiences, or things like taste, price, quality of work, history of service, reputation, environmental consciousness or even politics. A company with a strong brand identity must earn your trust and work to retain it.

As individuals, the world of brands applies to us as well. Among our friends, colleagues and clients, we are often “branded” based on our approach to our work, our relationships or our ability to deliver on our commitments. Our personal brand is our reputation.

Recently, ADWEEK published a map of the United States by artist and writer Steve Lovelace dubbed “The Corporate States of America.” Like many interesting industry-related articles, this one made its way around our office and generated discussions about the reach, impact and promise of these brands. The map below indicates what Lovelace considered the most famous brands from each of the 50 states. All the companies identified have spent years cultivating their brands to ensure success and many have become synonymous with an industry or service.

So based on this map, do you agree that Apple is now California’s most famous brand? What about Google? Disney? Facebook? Got Milk? Do you agree with the brand selected to represent your home state?

At NST, we are honored to represent many established companies with well-respected brands that have strong core values and solid product offerings, including WD-40 Company, Chicken of the Sea and McDonald’s restaurants of San Diego County. We also routinely work with organizations looking to grow their brand awareness. We’re passionate about helping our clients effectively tell their stories and strategically build their brands.

Has your company or organization revisited its brand promise lately? What are you currently doing to set yourself apart from others in your industry? Have you considered your personal brand? These are all important questions that should be asked on a regular basis. If you need a nudge to get the ball rolling, contact us and we’d be happy to help you reevaluate or reestablish your brand.

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