The Practice Of PR In Mexico Must Change

pr in mexicoOne of the oldest tools for achieving the positioning and legitimacy of people, brands and institutions is the use of public relations.

According to historians, the practice of PR as a profession dates back to the early 20th century, when some public agencies began to implement public relations strategies and tactics.

One of its central purposes is to generate close connections and relationships with the media and to be an intermediary for the clients they represent.

In Mexico, there hasn’t been much change within the public relations industry for decades. This is due to the fact that media outlets like television, radio and print, along with the business environment had also remained largely unchanged. The public relations industry has undergone some transformations, but nothing compared to what we saw with the arrival of the digital revolution.

Before the emergence and development of the Internet, the traditional tools that PR professionals used to achieve the communication objectives of clients were limited to tactics such as creating and distributing press releases, coordinating press conferences, pitching reporters and editors, and negotiating with public and private entities.

However, following the emergence of digital media, which resulted in an evolution in the way we all consume content, particularly news, PR practitioners had to revamp and innovate their toolkit in order to capture the attention of media that is now increasingly accustomed to receiving information quickly and often supported by audio-visual materials.

Thus, for public relations agencies in Mexico that want their client’s messages stand out, it is fundamental to forget about paradigms and to operate on a hybrid strategy, drawing on the resources of other disciplines, such as marketing or BTL (below the line) advertising. It is critical to take  advantage of the available technology and make effective use of new forms of communication, online resources and social networks.

Faced with this new reality, at NST Mexico we know what our job is, which is to let our imagination fly while pursuing new and effective opportunities that will excite, impact and captivate audiences – including our partners in the media.